Adel El Basiouny

Born in Cairo November 1949. Lives and works in Geneva and Cairo.

It is puzzling how artistic and creative ability come to reveal itself. One may say it is a mystery or a product of dormant feeling, emotions, and contradictions as well as accumulated experience since childhood. Sometimes one wonders if it is triggered by mere coincidence at certain time, age or place. A person is fortunate to be able to discover this artistic/creative manifestation.   It is a new birth. It is an entire new world where he/she finds new dimensions to life and existence. This new world embraces humanity in its common and contradicting aspects. I started my artistic career in the age of 59, at the Swiss city of Geneva. This beginning converged with an internal strong desire for expression, which had reached an area that needed display, participation and recording. The active artistic movement and its heritage in Geneva, and the surrounding Swiss and French cities, had the greatest impact on the strength that characterised this artistic beginning.